Guessing Minecraft YouTubers Using ONLY Their Gameplay (ft. BadBoyHalo)

Avaldati 19 juuni 2021
Skeppy \u0026 BadBoyHalo Guess EEpushrs Based on Minecraft Gameplay
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Today I got BadBoyHalo to compete with me in one of the HARDEST challenges I think I’ve done so far. BadBoyHalo and I will battle it out to see who can get the most points and identify which EEpushr we are watching JUST based on context clues. This should be pretty easy when it comes to the speedrunnier Dream but I’m a little worried about the rest!!! The creators skins and facecam’s will be completely blurred out - lol sorry TapL - and we will have to guess and rack up as many points as possible to defeat the other. If I got anything out of this challenge it’s that I can always recognize a Mr. Beast video no matter what. The points get SO CLOSE HAHA so make sure to stay tuned until the end to see who the real winner is - hint, I’m actually Quackity’s best friend now.

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I Cheated with ONE WAY GLASS in a Building Competition...

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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed runner / survivalist in Minecraft against a killer / assassin / hitmen but it's BadBoyHalo and I playing the ultimate EEpushr guessing game


  • I cant believe what happened in the end xD

  • We need one with Kolanii in here

  • Omg I just guess it it was tommy I only just see the last one says tommy Yayayayayayyayay

  • Also skepy I played as well and uhm don't get to excited I won with 2 more points so brrrrrrrrrrr

  • I now who master parkour preston nyeh

  • hmph i got all right


  • Yes

  • Didn't like the end of it...

  • 5:40 voldmorth have some strange hobbies

  • One of it is skeepy funny

  • I got 11 points yeay

  • Hi skeppy

  • I cringed when they didnt say wisp

  • yea thats just rigged as you can see in the first one ts tapL because you can see the hand of his skin when he throws out an item to get the ender pearls

  • Bionic is awesome!!!!!

  • No one even saw laurenzside shes in the idk his name

  • You guys are always either laughing or being a married couple in these types of videos

  • gonginga

  • i got em al right cos i watched al those vids

  • Lol the score went 8-6 when it should have been 8-7 since both of them guessed it at 7:58

  • 'Skeppy' 'Skeppy' Turns out it was bbh

  • When I guess all of them right before they guessed._.

  • Me after being confident its technoblade: Skeppy""LeTS tAlK aboUT HoNeY"

  • Hi

  • Skeppy and badboyhalo goes through memory lane.

  • Activate windows where

  • 😂

  • ⟟ know the second because Karl going from the tree lmao

  • skeppy be giving $1000 dollars to a random sub but he ain't giving techno his $20 dollars

  • Skeppy play factions or hardcore factions

  • You good

  • Any one realised that the tommy clip had the s word

  • When Karl's clip played I was like "Karl" I watched that 2 million times


  • On the but video clip the one when wisp was walking on the blocks and they turned random and i hade seen that video so when i saw him mining an anvil i knew for a fact that it was WisP

  • On the lucky block one in the ravine i had seen bionics video on the lucky blocks and in the video he went in a ravine so when i saw that he broke a lucky block i didnt even see him break the lucky block i just saw the particles but i still knew it was B.I.O.N.I.C

  • It's a tie

  • i just knew the last one bc of the quackitys stream title for it

  • I am subscribed

  • I got 16 right

  • 7:44 is karl

  • i subbed

  • Tommy

  • omg i actually got unspeakable ayyyyy

  • Okay

  • Rip no one remembers Unspeaka Frog

  • I like the intro that they answered jelly but the answer was unspeakable lol

  • Skeppy:Wait WHAT who has 1800 subs on twitch and plays with Fundy???!!!!! Me: *dyes of laughter*

  • But why BBH didn't get a point for Karl while Skeppy did?

  • 9:25 : tommy innit (prediction) 9:50 : FoolishG

  • Japanes symbol for 🔰


  • im in the video LOL

  • Hi

  • When they were about to guess jelly I saw a slogoman in the corner of the screen and it was then I knew


  • 7:57 why didn't bbh get a point when they both guessed Karl?

  • Skeppy knows bionic? 😯

  • Bro I got unspeakable immidently even tho I don't watch him that much anymore I just knew that was him

  • Jelly

  • 8:21 69 find it

  • Number 12 I wish I new skeppy because I said wisp 20 times I almost screamed

  • 6:31 Me: unspeakable Them: *gets wrong* Me: I’m better than u guys

  • I guessed unspeakable *flips hair*

  • 3:51 Me: techoblade! BBH:technoblade! Also me: wait wut *correct* Also me: WHATTHE HECKKKKK

  • Z

  • 3:14 do speed 0.25 then do watch the vid frame my by frame

  • 8:14 is so obisious

  • I did it so ez

  • i knew most of these just because i watched those vids specifically a lot lol

  • The tommy clip was when drista was online

  • How can I enter a game

  • Subscribed! Great content I am a long term big fan!


  • I knew it was tommy

  • I subbed

  • unrelated but ive been subbed for so long but i lost my device and now i have a new one... i had to create a new acc.. im so sadddd😭

  • 111 xp levels skeppy says quackity.

  • Jelly was so easy

  • bbh said karl and didn't get a point for karl's own clip

  • It was a tie

  • Can i please win :) i want to give the best live to my guineapigs

  • Me who hasnt seen dsmp but i know clips tell me how


  • 9:57 I only knew because of the arm otherwise I wouldn't have known

  • 7:30 It would be wisp because he does dumb challenges

  • Omg when they say "You know who" the first thing that comes to my mind is Voldermort If you haven't shared harry potter than you have to

  • Me seeing unspeakable and Preston me:wat

  • Hello it is me ranboo totally not just someone with a picture of him as my profile pic

  • 6:55 why am I seeing a laurenzside nametag she doesn't mincraft

  • Me: Watch many random Minecraft videos (99% of the youtubers I’m not watching them anymore😅💖✨😂) me: Laughing when you guys get wrong😌 Not hating you guys!!

  • the fact I only knew these from clips cause the only stream that I actully watched from that was technos

  • :( popularmmos

  • Honey is from McGuire to 😂😫

  • I just knew it was tapl UHC for the first one lmfao

  • I like how skeppy only hearts badboyhalos comments

  • It was wisp!!!!